Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Sydney!

When I see your face...

...there's not a thing that I would change

...Cause you're amazing...

...Just the way you are!

And when she smiles....

...the whole world stops and stares for a while...

...Cause girl you're amazing...


Friday, February 18, 2011

Its Beiber-fever

Really? I just don't see the appeal...

I know you all have at least heard of him.  Justin Freaking Beiber.  He is everywhere these days.  My house has gone crazy with Beiber talk in the last week. 

My mom calls me the other day and is telling me about her day at work:

Mom: ...and this little girl Susie comes up to me and says "Mrs. Principe, Sally told Bobby I want to marry him!" and I told her whats wrong with being married, that *I* want to be married.  And Susie says "You can't..." and I guess she didn't want to say anything else, so I said "I'm going to get married.  I'm going to marry Justin Beiber!" and all the little girls started laughing and giggling.  And Susie says "You can't marry Justin Beiber!  You're a grandma!".  I wanted to explain to her what a cougar is, but I didn't think Catholic Elementary school was the place to do it.
Me: yeah good call on that Ma.

My mother ladies and gents...trying to educate the world on cougars, one kid at a time.

So then Wednesday, all three kids had doctor appts to get booster shots. So we were in the car talking about The Beibs and listening to them talk about him on Cosmo Radio Sirius 111 XM 162.  Nikolas and I am in deep Beiber discussion when from the backseat:

Nikolas: He did NOT just ask that.
Me: He is a singer buddy.
Timmy: Oh ok.  Beiber Beiber Beiber Beiber....

Sigh.  I am read for this kids 15 minutes to be up.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words #1

Ya know the old adage of  "a picture is worth a thousand words"?  There are things you see, that you could NEVER explain and that's where the photo comes in.  There aren't many times that I see something that just takes my breath away, that there are no words to I thought, when and if I capture something like that, I should blog it!  Sometimes it'll be something funny, sometimes serious, sometimes scenic, but all will have one thing in words needed!  So this is the first in what will be a recurring series of posts called, what else, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. 


Mommy!  Look what I did when you were in the shower!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nikolas, Nikolas, Nikolas

Nik and I were putting the littles to bed and then going to watch Glee (it was the only way I would let him stay up late).  He was breaking it down for me about Justin Bieber:

"Mom, I mean really...who who wears their hats like that.  Like straight and regular.  The good singers like Jay-Z and Eminem wear their hats to the side.  That's ok.  Straight...not so much"

So there you have it...Justin Bieber broken down by a 12 year old.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I didn't ask for a wake up call...

This morning, Timmy slept in!  He didn't wake me until 638...which is 8 minutes later than my usual unwanted wake up call.  Most days I get the wake up of "MOMMMMMM!  I'm about to go poop!  Can you wipe my butttttttttt" or "Mom!  I'm sooooo sirsty, get me a drink", but today was different.

Timmy: MOM! Wake up!  Its purple outside.  That means its time to get up.
Me: ok ok ok I'm getting up.
Timmy: come look.  Its pink and blue and purple.
Me: OK! :::looking::: Oh it IS pink and blue and purple.  Thanks for waking me up to show me that.
Timmy: Can we play hide and seek now?
Me: what?
Timmy: Hide and seek.  I'll go hide under the woobie and you will close your eyes and say "Where did Timmy go?" and then I'll jump out from under the woobie and say "YOU DIDN'T FIND ME!"
Me:  :::::facepalm:::::

Guess I need to teach him the rules of hide and seek.

And in case you are curious about what it looked like outside this morning...

Best Picture I could get...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am NOT old enough to have a kid that dates...

Nikolas has a girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlfriend.  They went on their first date yesterday.  I took them to see Gnomeo and Juliet.  They both said they really liked it.  And admittedly, it wasn't totally terrible.  Its Romeo and Juliet starring lawn gnomes.  And with a different twist on the deadly ending since this is a cartoon for kids, after all. Tonight they are going on their second date.  An Air Force hockey game.  This time her family is taking them.  Nik is excited because he has never been to a hockey game before.  I asked him yesterday if he wanted me to take him to the store and buy him a new shirt for his date.  He was hesitant...but agreed.  He picked this button up shirt and a Tshirt that says something about feeding him pizza or some such garbage.  That detail is not important.  What IS funny (this *is a blog for the funny things my kids say) and important is what Nikolas just told me.

Nik: Mom can I go to Mason's?
Me: I guess but you need to be home by 430, I have a meeting at 5 and I need you home before I leave.
Nik: ok.  I'm going to wear this shirt for now, and I'll change it before I go to the hockey game.
Me: so before you leave you'll make sure you look presentable.  You are gonna change your shirt?
Nik: yes!
Me: So you're telling me that before you go out tonight you are going to have....:::insert raised eyebrow face::: TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SHIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTT TIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME!!!!!
Nik: :::eyeroll:::: yes :::eyeroll:::
Me: :::still singing::: Teeeeeeeeeee shirrrrrrrrrrrrrrt tiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme!  Teeeeee shirrrrrrrrttttt timmmmmmmmme!
Nik: Seriously? I'm leaving.

That was pretty amazing.  Ha!  My 12 year old is having t-shirt time.  LOL  And ya know, in hindsight, if you don't watch Jersey Shore, you have no idea about t shirt time.  And if you don't watch it, you are SOOO missing out!

So that's my good Nik story for the day.  Have a good day everyone <3

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Little War Hero

Right this very second there is a war going on.  It may or may not affect the people that *you love directly but somewhere, someones loved one is being attacked.  Like right this second.  And this second too. And yup, you guessed it, this one too.

 Which particular war am I talking about?  Iraq? Afghanistan?  Conflicts in Egypt?  no...none of those are as serious as the one going on in my living room RIGHT THIS SECOND.  Puppy and Timmy are at war...with the blanket monsters.  Its brutal.  Its deadly.  Some of Puppy's friends are not going to make it out alive.  Its tragic really.  So young, so full of life. 

The following is a transcript of the conversations overheard during this battle.  Please if you are sensitive look away.  The pictures are brutal.

Puppy: Why are you putting that there?
Timmy: So I can play in the corner with you guys
Puppy: Oh, that's cool
Timmy: Is that ok with all you guys?
Animal Chorus: yeah.  Yes. Sure.
Timmy: Come on guys lets go!

Timmy, the hero, before the battle

They make their way across the living room and into the Bar.

Puppy: TIMMY!  Whats going on?
Timmy: We are being attacked my monsters!

during the battle

Puppy: We have to get saved!  Call your mom!
Timmy: MOM!  Help us!  We are being attacked by monsters!
Me: I'm too scared of monsters, tell Puppy's friends to help you.
Timmy: They are getting attacked TOO!  MOM YOU HAVE TO HELP US!
Me: I can't!  I'm being attacked my monsters too.
Puppy: OH NO!  Mommy is attacked by monsters!  Timmy, you have to get us out of here!
Timmy: We're coming mom!

At this point, it turned into a rescue mission.  They were trying to rescue me from the monsters.  I was within inches of my life when Big Bear pulled me out.

after I was rescued

It was a hard fought battle.  Timmy, Puppy and the Friends, eventually won.  But I have a feeling this fight isn't over.  He may have won the battle, but the monsters will want vengeance.  This war isn't over. 

The last picture is of the aftermath...please avert your eyes if you are squeamish...

We lost Big Bear, Marie the Cat, and Will the Bear.  Tick Tock the Croc grief was almost too much to bear.
R.I.P. sweet will be missed.  We will never forget your heroism on this day.

(please note, I am NOT in any way, shape or form trying to make light of *real actual wars.  I just thought it was funny.  And if you don't like it, buggar off...<3)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Attack of The 3 1/2 Foot Girl

Last night, I said that it wouldn't be long before Sydney did something, and man I was right on the money.  Right after I posted, she was being all kinds of mischievous.

You all remember this : When Green Army Men Attack...the ambush outside of my shower, right?  Last night Timmy was playing in the bathroom, (its warm in there I think that's why he likes it in there).  He says "Mommy, come look!"  So I go look and he has the Army Guys set up on the floor to protect my bathroom from Sydney. So OF COURSE, Sydney is scooting her happy butt down the hall and following me.  Timmy starts freaking out!  "GET HER AWAY!  She's gonna DESTROY EVERYTHING!"  The series of pictures that follows will tell the tale of how that played out...

Syd: Oh Check this out!
*laughs* You think THESE guys are going to stop me?!?



Timmy cried for about 10 minutes and repeatedly told me that Sissy is a big jerk.  He was really made  And Sydney, she just laughed.  She laughed that she knocked his toys down.  She laughed that he was crying, she laughed at me trying not to laugh at her.  It was funny, admit it. 

Now Sis is caught up with her brothers on the peski pesternomi scale...its about time =0)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh children...

Today Timmy and I spent the day with Miss Beth.  She is about 20-odd weeks pregnant and Timmy thinks she ate her baby. LOL.  So we were at the store looking at all kinds of crap that neither of us needed and Timmy was having a convo with Beth.

Timmy: Where's your baby
Beth: **points to her belly** right here!
Timmy: Can I see it?
Beth: No, not yet, put your hand right here though and you can feel him
Timmy: **puts his hand on her belly**
Baby: **kick kick**
Beth: Did you feel that?
Timmy: What was it?
Beth: That was the baby kicking you!
Timmy: JERK!
Beth and I: Hahahahahahaha

Oh Timmy...LOL.

Then Nik came home from school (after Rachel had to go get him, but that's another story) and is all kinds of starry eyed. 

Nik: Mom, I need 4 bucks next Thursday for the Valentines Dance at school.
Me: oh yeah?
Nik: Yeah, I'm going with my GIRLFRIEND!
Me: Girlfriend?  Really? 
Rachel: Is that the girl you were playing Minute to Win It with?
Nik: Yeah...
Rachel: Oh she is soooo cute
Beth: Nik, did you stay after to make out with your girlfriend?  Did Rachel drag you out from under the bleachers?
Nik: NO!  Mom, she passed me a note today and guess what it said?
Me: what?
Nik: "Love you" and had a heart around it (insert cheesy smiley face here)
Me: Awwwwwww Nicky has a giiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrlllllfriend!
Rachel: Awwww
Beth: Awww Nik, you're a pimp!
Me: we have to go buy a special Valentine right?
Nik: yes....and a present.  And chocolate.  And probably some Christian Louboutins...oh no wait, that's what you want Dad to buy you. (I slipped that in there real nice!  Woot!)
Me: Ok...sigh

My kid has a girlfriend.  And he wants to take her to the dance.  And buy her flowers and candy.  And Christian Louboutins.  Oh wait, that's me.  Its so cute and scary all at the same time.  I'm not ready for my baby to have a girlfriend.  He is growing up. 

And I guess, so not to leave her out, Sydney is Sydney.  She is scooting all over looking for her brothers to play with her and they are not paying her any attention.  She is currently under my chair laughing when I put my fuzzy sock on her nose.  She hasn't done anything funny for a while, but she is due so I am sure its coming.  Good old Sister. <3

So that's it for tonight.  Hoping my loyal readers are well.  Nighty night y'all!  XOXOX

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks Brittany!!

As you all know, Timmy's birthday was a little more than a week ago.  He had a little party with his pals Gabriel and Kaden and of course his brother and sister, assorted friends and family members.  Timmy was so psyched about his "Stoy Storrrrrrrrrrrrrrry" cake and that his friends brought him presents.  He was super stoked about the Toy Story Action Links from Kaden.

This week, however, its allllllll about the Nerf Guns from Gabriel (and Brittany and Teddy).  He is OBSESSED with putting the "bullups" in and shooting anyone who walks by.  He shot Dave today, so Dave got Nik to hold him down and Dave shot him in the butt lol.  He has shot me, not Sissy (cause she doesn't like it MOOOOOOMMMMMM), Nik, the chair in the dining room, the TV, the wall, the window, the wall, the door, the wall, me.  Repetitively. 

Just now he was shooting up the Bar, and when I said to stop he tells me "I don't have to, I'm a cop".  Sweet, so now my 4-wants-to-be-5 year old is a cop.  "I thought you were Buzz Lightyear", I asked.  "Nope, this time I am a cop.  All the way."

I had no idea it was that easy to change your profession ;-) lol

From Laura

Just a note to thank you for reading and laughing with me at the ones who make my life what it is!