Monday, July 25, 2011

Bedtime Conversation

Oh Dave, Brad, Davis, guys are gonna love this...

I tell Timmy, its time to go to bed, in his bed.  No getting up, no coming downstairs...BED.  So I was picking up some toys and putting his pillow case on and I turn around and he is laying naked on the floor....well with his pants around his ankles.  So I look at him and...

me: are you ready for your diaper?
Timmy: yeah.  My penis is sad.
Me: What?
Timmy: my penis is sad.
Me: why do you say that?
Timmy: cause its pointing down.  Its sad I have to go to bed.  In the morning its up, cause its happy I am awake.
Me: Oh really...
Timmy: yeah.  Its just sad.  See?

 I swear to you, I was DYING.  Seriously, what kid his age understands that much about morning wood?  Sigh.  What am I gonna do with this kid???


  1. ::snort:: Chai tea just came out my nose. A little warning would be nice. It was hot chai too. Thanks for that. BAHAHAHAHHAHA.

  2. I swear to you, this kid is RIDICULOUS! He just kept going on about his sad penis. Then you know, I got a message from Dave saying his was sad too. LOL Sigh. I swear. A man in a little boys body. Its probably your fault, made him sit on the hooker bed...

  3. i think im going to die.


    LMAO I have tears running down my face, Im having stomach cramps and I cannot think of anything else to say other than HAHAHAHAHA


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