Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Open Letter

Dear People Who Made Despicable Me:

I am really angry with you.  Yes, your movie is funny  And yes it makes my kid sit still for a while and just watch a movie.  BUT this..this is not ok...

(poor picture quality, but its YouTube so sue me!)

This is not ok.  You wanna know why? I'll tell you.  Because my child keeps doing it ALL DAY.  ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DAYYYYYYYYYYYY! So please please please stop.  Please.  I am tired of this...

So please stop giving not only my kids, but all kids everywhere, ideas on how to annoy their parents.  It is NOT cute or funny.  (Ok maybe a little cute and funny the first time but after that....NO!)

Love always,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cake pictures inside

OK, here are pictures of the cake.  Now, I am not claiming to be ANY type of pro at this, but it looks better than a plain square lol

me mixing the buttercream frosting I made from scratch.  It was goooood!

first 2 layers, its uneven I know, but the cakes were sticking to the pan =0(

This was right after the headboard fell apart...

Completed project
So it is what it is...it was tasty and Timmy was super happy!

Its going to be a good Timmy day....

Its barely 9 here in Colorado and already its started.  Timmy wants to be 5.  His birthday was YESTERDAY. "I don't wanna be 4, I want to be 5" "How manny more days til my birthday"...seriously..sigh.

So if I hadn't figured out that was the first sign of impending doom, surely what happened next sealed the deal. 

Me: Timmy, I have to get ready so we can go to the gym.  Watch Spongebob, I'll be done in 5 minutes and we can go.
Timmy: Ok mom.

End of conversation? No.  So I go into the bathroom, decide to take a shower (yes I shower before the gym, don't judge), get everything all ready, and tell Timmy one more time that I'll be ready in like 5 minutes.  I turn on the tunes, cause I have to rock out in the shower, and I see Timmy come in.  I told him to leave my phone be and watch Spongebob.  He says "I'm just looking".  Okaaaaaay I think, fair enough.  He was probably bored with no one to talk to. Its cool.  So I finish up in the shower, step out and find this...

That would be my bathroom sink with an Army of green soldiers ready to attack me when I get out of the shower.  Timmy was so proud of himself. 

Timmy: mom, mom, mom, mom, mom you HAVE to see your bathroom!
Me: I did buddy!  Its awesome!
Timmy: No you didn't you aren't wearing your glasses
Me: ok, show me!
Timmy: *drags me to the bathroom* SEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Me: Awesome!
Timmy: yeah they were attacking you and tecting your phone
Me: Ok, well I need to brush my teeth and fix my hair so....
Timmy: oh well then I guess that sucks for you.

Yes. I just got owned by my 4 year old. So yeah, its going to be one of *those days. 

(And now I am gonna miss boot camp, cause I had to write all this out before we could leave.  Sigh)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Timmy!!!

Oh my dearest Tuna Boat-

I can not believe you are 4 today! What a great year you have had: starting school, making friends, learning to love books, and being the awesome boy you are. I am constantly amazed by you.  Your vocabulary, your mannerisms, your huge heart. You are my best boy and I love you very much!

Being silly with your brother

loving your family

spending time with the people that were there when you were born

growing up from a baby on your 1st birthday to the big 4 year old you are today!

I love you always! XOXOX

Love, Mommy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

He's not always just funny...

 Ya know, Timmy isn't *just a funny kid.  I swear.  Yes, I laugh pretty much all day every day, yes he makes all of you giggle, but he really is a great kid.  He is sweet, loving and a really good friend (just ask him, he'll tell you!)

Today was one of the days where Timmy not only made me laugh, but also showed his loving and sweet side too.  Take the convo this AM (which I posted on my Facebook too):

Timmy: "Mom, I got two underpants on"
Me: "Why?"
Timmy: "In case I get shooted, then I am tected"
Me: "Cause you get shot at alot?"
Timmy: "Yes, all day. I'm Buzz Lightyearrrrrr...duh"
 Where does he come up with this stuff? LOL So after this conversation, we put actual clothes on him and went out to pick up my friend Rachel, who has been a little stressed this week and forced her to go shopping with us for little toys for Timmy's Toy Story Birthday Cake.  We went to the Dollar Tree and wandered around for a bit, cause you never know what kinds of treasures you are gonna stumbled upon there.  We found a couple figures (Woody and Rex), but decided to hide them (behind the Ben10 paddleballs) so we could look at Walmart to see if they had anything better and a bigger selection.  Rachel grabbed a couple things and I grabbed a soda and some candy for the birthday cake.  We were waiting in line and the customer in front of us was digging some change out and she dropped a quarter.  So I told Timmy to pick it up and give it back to her.
Timmy: *picks up quarter* here you go, you dropped this
Random Lady: You know what?  You can keep it.  Thanks you for being so nice.
Timmy: Thank YOU!!!
He gets all wide eyed and was so excited and comes back to Rachel and I.  I made a big deal over the fact that he got his own money and how cool it was that the lady was a nice person and shared with him.  He hands the quarter to Rachel...
Timmy: Here Rachy you can have it.
Rachel: *puzzled* Okkkkk don't you want it?
Timmy: No you can have it so then you can have money
Rachel: Money?
Timmy: You said you needed more money, so you can have it.
Then Rachel started crying.  In the line.  At the Dollar Tree. And then I was crying.  And we were laughing cause we were crying.  And Timmy was looking at us like we had lost our minds.  But really? What almost 4 year old does that?  Mine...my 4 year old does.  Proud Mommy moment right there.
Then this afternoon, he got a birthday card from my mom in the mail.  So I called him up to get his card...
Me: Timmmmmmmmmmmy, you got some mail!
Timmy: I GOT MAIIIIIIIIIIIL?? What is it? *running up the stairs*
Me: You got a birthday card from Grandma
Timmy: How do I get it open?
Me: you rip the envelope
Timmy: *rippppppp* read it, what does it say mommy?!?!?!
Me: It says "Blah blah blah birthday blah blah blah have a great day blah blah blah I love you, love grandma"
Timmy: Awwwww that was really sweet of her
Me: *snort*
Rachel: (who I was on the phone with) OH MY GOD...awwwwwww!!! Bwahahahahahahaha
I have a great kid.  I seriously can not get cuter than that!!!
Hope you all are well and having a good week!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Return of....

Oh nighttime...I usually look forward to calming the kids down and getting ready for bedtime.  But tonight, tonight was different.  Dave and Timmy decided to play catch.  Dave is throwing the ball as hard as he can at Timmy, who is CRACKING up!

So here comes Timmy, running into The Bar "You're going DOWN Dad!!!" and Dave wings the ball at him and then, then comes the funny part.


Yes, the return of ballsack to Timmy's vocabulary.  Sigh.  It was bound to happen.  (Sorry bout the picture quality, it was taken with my phone lol)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice Cream

Ice cream. I love it and loathe it all at the same time.  If there was a way to keep ice cream in my house and NOT share it with my kids, we'd have it all the time.  No matter which of my 3 freezers I put popsicles, ice : cream, frozen treat-y goodness in, Timmy finds it.  And usually takes it out and lets it melt on the floor.  I made the mistake last week of buying some ice cream from Schwans.  Timmy has been asking for it every day.

Tonight after dinner, I  promised ice cream to those who finished dinner. I told Timmy "DO NOT ASK ME FOR ICE CREAM" and told him I would tell him when it  was ready. Here is a transcript of the hour after dinner:

Timmy: Mom, can I have ice cream?

Me: No.  Don't ask me. I'll tell you when its time.

3 minutes pass...

Timmy: I'm ready for some ice cream.
Me: NO, if you ask me again, its no! No ice cream.

5 minutes later:

Timmy: Mom, can me and Nicky have ice cream?
Me: NO NO NO!   I told you to stop asking so now you get NO ice cream and NO  cookies.   NOTHING!

15 minutes later:

Timmy: Mom, me and Nik are ready for ice cream.
Me: NO, I told you you aren't having any.
Dave: Nik stop telling him to ask and making him get in trouble.
Nik (with shit eating grin on his  face): I'm NOT! I just came down to ask if I could have some.
Me: NO! I told Timmy to stop asking, and he keeps asking to no no no, neither of you get ice cream.
Timmy: :::sigh and walks away::::: Nicky we need a new plan
Nik: Shhhhh
Dave: :::looks at me trying not to laugh::::
Timmy: Nik, we need a new plan.  Mommy doesn't want me to ask. I just wanted ice cream.

Seriously?  Sigh. So no ice cream for the Jo kids.  Let's  see if they figure out that sometimes remaining silent is better than opening your mouth (or getting the baby brother to do it.)  Although, somehow, I doubt it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, new Timmy-isms

Wow, its been a hectic last few weeks.  Christmas, Special Christmas and New Years were all great here at our house (well what I remember of New Years was great).  I have a funny Timmy story or two to share so let's get on with it shall we?

On New Years Eve, Rachel, Tim, Mike, Dave and I were sitting around, Tim was goofing off on the computer and I was googling pictures of men's underwear models...(Don't ask)  I showed Rachel one and remarked "That guy has a GINORMOUS penis" and Timmy comes running over and yelling "I WANNA SEE THE GINORMOUS PENIS?  Where is it?  Can I see it?  I wanna see a ginormous penis" and Rachel and I just died laughing.

I can't remember if I posted about Timmy and a quest for a new dad but just in case, a refresher...the day before Dave was coming home from Pathfinder Timmy asked me if dad was coming home soon.  I said yes soon, and he replied, "Cause if he doesn't come home soon, we should just get a new dad".  So fast forward to yesterday when I could barely move off the couch due to a MASSIVE hangover.  Rachel and Dave are trying to explain that mommy is sick and her belly and head hurt.  And my oh-so-loving child responds with "We should just get a new mom.  One that isn't sick and can get me chocolate milk" and then proceeds to ask me to put on Toy Story for him.  I told him to go ask his new mom.  He said, "who is my new mom?" and I said "you tell me".  His answer..."Rachel is my new mom"  Psh...freaking Tuna trading me in for Rachel.

Christmas was an event, to say the least.  On December 23, Nikolas was being a nice brother and letting Timmy play his PSP.  This apparently was a HUGE mistake as Timmy decided that Nik didn't *need the PSP and put it in the toilet.  The PSP.  In. The. Toilet. THE. TOILET.  So Nikolas is HYSTERICAL crying and super pissed and all Timmy can say is "Stuff happens".  He got sent to his room, and had to spend a good portion of the day there.  Taylor and I had to go out and find Nik a new PSP (they are NOT cheap) and luckily found one at Game Stop on sale for like 100 bucks.  It was not the way I wanted to spend the day, 2 days before Christmas.  But Nik was SUPER excited about his new PSP on Christmas Day since we told him he would have to wait til the New Year for the replacement.

On Christmas morning, Timmy figured out within a couple presents that the "soft" ones were just clothes and he only wanted square ones or hard ones. He just kept asking why was he not getting more presents?  Why are the presents gone?  Why can't I open Sissy's presents? Mom, Sissy said I can have her Toy Story movie.  She said she didn't like it. 

So that, my dear readers, is a quick sum up of the holidays. Hope yours was enjoyable, relaxing, and awesome.  XOXO

From Laura

Just a note to thank you for reading and laughing with me at the ones who make my life what it is!