Friday, October 5, 2012

It's been long time, I shouldn't have left you...

I know, its been a hot minute since I posted anything.  Stuff around here is...well...going.  Busy all the time, between kids, homework, Dave's retirement, spending time with friends and family, and general laziness, there just isn't enough hours in the day.

I wanted to post about some recent things Dave and I have been doing to the house.  We repainted downstairs, added some clever DIY and just updated the look of our home a little.

We saw the top one at World Market for 70 bucks.  We decided to make it for WAY less using some wooden letters from Michaels and a map from Staples.

Then we painted downstairs a BRIGHT yellow color.  (that I adore!!)

We got this little sign for our bathroom door...

And here are the letters on the grey wall with our cruise pictures underneath.  

Soooooo simple and looks AWESOME!  I am so very happy with the turn out!!

Anyhooooo, just wanted to write *something for the sake of writing...hoping that everyone is well xoxox

From Laura

Just a note to thank you for reading and laughing with me at the ones who make my life what it is!