Friday, February 24, 2012

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words #4

Oh Timmy....

"Mom, take my picture and send it to Mike so he can see I am gonna beat the crap out of him"

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinterest #4

And lastly, for tonight anyhow, is the Super Bowl Snack Stadium. This was all Maggie's idea. She saw it on Pinterest (click here to be taken to the original post)and we decided that this HAD to happen for the Giants "Victor-y" Bowl over the stupid Pats :)

This monstrosity has a Rice Krispie Treat stadium filled with chips surrounding the guacamole field, salsa and cheese dip end zones, beef jerky uprights and candy players. It was fun to make and fun to eat!!! Def will do this for future Super Bowls :)

And in case you had any doubt who we were rooting for...I'll add some pictures of that too!

l to r: me, sydney, maggie, shelley, katelyn, rachel, taylor

Pinterest #3

Annnnd moving right along...

Valentine's Day Buttons :) (Click here for the original post)

Soooo easy!! I had one bag of Hershey Hugs, one bag of valentine colored M&Ms and one bag of those square pretzels. One Hug on each pretzel, throw 'em in the oven at 250* for 5 mins. Take them out, push one M&M in the center and let cool. I put mine in the fridge. Done. So cute and easy!!!!

Pinterest #2

I am really slacking on the posts. I apologize. I have been a Pinterest queen these days, making things left and right. So in rapid succession, let's get caught up shall we??

The "Diabeetus" Cake. And yes it's as good as it looks. A layer of chocolate chip cookie dough on the bottom, topped with 30-odd double stuffed Oreos topped with brownie batter. Took about an hour to bake and it was worth the wait. Def not an every day cake but special occasions...YES!!!

From Laura

Just a note to thank you for reading and laughing with me at the ones who make my life what it is!