Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick one after dinner

Oh my lord, I am trying to type this with tears in my eyes.  I swear I can't stop laughing. 

We just ate dinner (pancakes and sausage for those who are nosy) and Timmy's hands were sticky, so he took a bath right away after dinner.  He came down just a second ago, wrapped up in a towel and says "Mommy, I am ready for jammies"  So I am drying him off and jammie-ing him up and he farted SO LOUD  and so long and I started to laugh and Timmy says "Wow!  That one sounded like a motorcycle!"  OMG, bwahahahahahahaha I swear I am DYING!  He keeps looking at me and saying things like "It was just a motorcycle fart mommy" and shrugging his shoulders.  I asked him if it made his buttcheeks rumble and he says "YES!  It was really fast mom!" LOL 

Oh lordy, thank you Timmy.  Motorcycle farts...bwahahahahaha

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From Laura

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