Sunday, June 26, 2011

Timmy and Taylor...

a transcript of the conversation that just took place between Taylor and Timmy...

Timmy: I'm gonna punch you in your baby!
Taylor: thats not nice!!!
Timmy: Farty Fart!
Taylor: what?!?
Timmy: you should name your baby that
Taylor: My. Baby.  Farty Fart Lanthier?
Timmy:  Bwahahahahaha yes
 Taylor: let's go to Rachel's
Timmy: Seriously?!?! I'm gonna punch you in your baby!
Taylor: I'm gonna crash the car and kill you.
Me: :::crying:::: Bwahahahahahahahahahaha

My new great niece or nephew...Farty Fart Lanthier, ladies and gents...<3 Watch out world...this kid is gonna rule the world!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day, Schmathers Day

Ya know, Father's Day is kinda pointless...this year anyhow.  My husband is gone off to be a dad to his soldiers and my own dad passed away years ago.  All my friends, who are dads themselves and are like dads to my kids are gone too.  So I am boycotting this year. Booooo on Fathers Day.

I am the dad this year.  Someone buy me a Fathers Day card.  After all, isn't it the dads job to teach the sons about penises?  Oh no, that's right, its my job.  The dad is supposed to teach the son about kissing girls, oh no, me again.

But then again, I can't be the one who after a long day at work, lays on the floor and lets the kids use me as a jungle gym.  And I'm not the one who comes home after work and has to find the kids hiding in the coat closet by singing "I like bread and butter, I like toast and jam..." and listening for the giggles.  I don't teach rock climbing.  I don't take pictures and develop them myself.  I don't help other countries learn to help themselves.  And I don't help everyone else before myself...ok, wait, I totally do *that lol.

So maybe I won't boycott.  April taught me "Don't hate, participate" I will.  Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, to my husband, to my friends.  And Happy Father's Day to my girlfriends... Taylor, Brianna, Brandi, Amy, Tam, Tina, Jana, Renee, Brittany, Beth, Shelley, all of you who hold it down for the kids while their dads away.  Happy Father's Day to my sister who was a dad and a mom to my favorite Katie.  Happy Father's Day to Rachel who is ABSOLUTELY not only my kids second mom, but also their dad too!  Happy Father's Day to my MIL who raised the BEST dad a girl could want as her baby daddy. <3  And happy Fathers Day to my mom who continues to show us all the ways our own dad shaped us.

I guess Father's Day isn't so bad afterall...

Happy Father's Day to my very own G.I. Jo <3

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Timmy and the P word

As I have posted previously in this post, Timmy has become obsessed with the "P" word.  We talk about penises at least twice a day.  Sigh, I am hoping this ends soon as "MOM WANNA SEE MY PENIS" is not appropriate conversation for the pool, the dinner table, the grocery store...pretty much anywhere.

But today, today I got this gem...

Timmy: Mom, do I have a penis?
Me: Yes Timmy, but you already know that.
Timmy: Does Uncle Joe have a penis?
Me: yes Timmy, all boys have penises
Timmy: I don't think he knows
Me: who doesn't know what?
Timmy: Uncle Joe.  I don't think he knows he has a penis
Me: Uhhh I'm pretty sure he does.

Seriously?!? Sigh...this kid is slowly killing me.  Each day.  One little remark at a time.  I can hear my hair getting grey.

So after he was distracted by legos and cartoon for about 5 minutes, he comes into the bathroom where I was getting ready to head out.

Timmy: :::singing to himself:::: I drank a 12 pack of beer with my dad....
Me: :::watching in the mirror SHOCKED::::
Timmy: ::Still singing:::: Beer beer beer beer beer beer.  I don't remember how much a drank...
Me: TIMMY!  Where did you learn that song???
Timmy: On your computer mom

My 4 year old... ladies and gents..."I drank a 12 pack of beer with my dad...." Its sooo funny, and so inappropriate at the same time.  I managed to not laugh until I texted Tim A. to tell him.  I figured he, of all people, would appreciate it. 

And in our last bit of news, Puppy has run away.  We last saw him last Friday the 10th? in our van and he is NO WHERE to be found.  We looked in the usual hiding spots, but all we can figure is that he fell out of the van somewhere and is gone.  I have looked high and low for a replacement puppy with no luck.  So today, the mail comes and Timmy comes in with a package

Timmy: MOM!  Its a package for me!  It has the letter T on it!
Me: Ok let me check

And sure enough, it was a package from Grandma addressed to Timmy Johansson (good reading skills Timmy!).  Inside was a new puppy and some "puppy food" aka candy, fruit snacks and animal crackers.  Timmy named his new doggie Spartacus, after the husky that Taylor was dog sitting.  He is really happy with his new puppy.

Spartacus is my best friend....
And on that note, I am going to bed...good night.  And a very good morning to my desert friends...Happy Fathers Day guys!  We miss you!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I kid you not...

Really?  Really really?

Me: Timmy, where is your brother, tell him to come down here
Timmy: He can't.  He's taking a dump.
Me: :::looks at Rachel::::
Rachel:  :::wide eyes:::: hahahahahaha
Me: :::snort::::: Bwahahahahaha

Yes, this just really took place at my house.  Sigh.  I'm running away.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time to discuss the news with Nikolas

Yesterday afternoon, I was watching the Today Show I had TiVo'd in the morning (it was Meredith's last day and I wanted to see lol).  So I was fast forwarding through parts, one being the news headlines segment and Nikolas was like "Why do you keep fast forwarding?", so I stopped and watched.  Bad idea.  This is the conversation that took place...

Ann Curry:  blah blah blah Anthony Weiner...
Me: :::innocent face:::: whats so funny about that?
Nik: His. Name. Is. Weiner.
Me: And?
Nik: His name is Weiner and he was sending pictures of his weiner on Twitter!
Me: :::trying to keep a straight face::::
Nik: Weiner.  Hahahaha...Weiner.  I wonder what his mom and dad's names are?
Me: His mom?  her name is Anita...
Nik: Anita.  Anita Weiner.  OH MY GOD!  Bwahahaha
Me: I think they said his dad's name is Harry...
Nik: Harry Weiner! :::tears pouring out of his eyes::::
Me: I was kidding...
Nik: Anita and Harry Weiner....
Me: :::laughing:::
Nik: Really?
Me: NO!  I was kidding...I said that.
Nik: that would be AWESOME if it was true.

So let's all hope this Anthony Weiner stuff goes away...I am tired of Weiner ;-)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yup its time to discuss private parts

I have 2 posts for today...since as it was pointed out to me, I have been seriously slacking in the blog department.  (Ahem, Maggie...)  So let's jump in shall weeeeeeeeee...

Last night, after our fun day at the Spalsh Pad, Timmy and Sissy needed baths.  So Timmy got in, bathed, let the water out, then I put Syd in.  Timmy comes running in, please please please can I get back in the tub.  Ok, whatever dude...  The following conversation took place.

Me: Timmy keep your hands to your self (he was trying to wash Sydneys tummy)
Me: Cause you aren't aloowed to touch girls until you are married.
Timmy: I am married.
Me: Oh reallllllllllly? To who?
Timmy: Maddie.
Me: Oh yeah?
Timmy: yes, so I can touch her.
Me: I'm pretty sure Mr. Tony will chop off your fingers but ok...
Timmy: Mom, where is Sissy's penis? (yes he said penis, not e e)
Me: :::wide eyes::: What?
Timmy: Sissys penis.  Where. Is. It?
Me: well, girls privates are on the inside and boys are on the outside.
Timmy: here is MY penis!
Me: yes, yes, that is your penis
Timmy: oh.  Where is Sissy's brain?
Me: ::eye roll:: in her head silly
Timmy: where is my brain?

And I couldn't answer...I wanted to point to his penis and say "in there, like every other man on the planet" but I didn't. I eventually composed myself and said "inside that big ole head of yours!"

And the whole time, Nik is standing outside the bathroom door cracking up.  Way to help out there Nikolas! this a sign of my future?  Penis conversations with Timmy? Its times like last night that I wish Sydney could talk...I would have loved to know what she was thinking lol

Hope everyone has a magical day....

From Laura

Just a note to thank you for reading and laughing with me at the ones who make my life what it is!