Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Little July 4 conversation...

Let me start by saying that I hope everyone had a magical 4th!  Its one of my favorite holidays, not just because its the anniversary of the day I met my hubby, but because I love everything it stands for.

I spent the day with my family...the kiddies, Taylor, Rachel, Colleen and Woody.  It was laid back, with more food than necessary and we stayed up way too late chatting outside. All in all, it was a fantastic day.

But, I know the real reason you came here...you wanna know what gem came out of the mouth of my child.  And I won't disappoint.  Yesterday AM, I was doing a little prep work in the kitchen with Timmy.  He was sitting on the counter while I made kool aid and pasta salad.  He is telling me a story about "his friends" aka the annoying kids down the block.

Timmy: ...then my friend, the boy, said we were gonna get be-rested.
Me: really?  be-rested?
Timmy: yup, he brought out some be-resting tools and said the cops would come and we would get be-rested.
Me: well, I'm pretty sure no one has ever gotten A-rrested cause they argued with their friends
Timmy: yeah!  the cops would come and take you to jail... (note to self: stop telling Timmy if he misbehaves in the car the cops will pull me over and arrest me and take me to jail and he'll have to wipe his own butt)
Me: I promise that won't happen Timmy.
Timmy: Mom, can people be-scape from jail? (this is where it gets interesting)
Me: Absolutely.  people escape from jail all the time...
Timmy: How? (I think perhaps he wanted tips for the future...)
Me: Wellllll, just say you got arrested and went to jail, and we wanted to help you escape...well then Nicky would do something to get sent to jail but first he would find the blueprints on how the jail was built and get them tattooed all over his body.  Then you would have a map that leads you right to safety.  Then of course you would have to go live far away, like Panama or something, so that the cops can't find you.  And your friends that broke out of jail with you would try to help you stay away from the cops but sometimes they will get caught and might tell on you.  Your girlfriend, who was a doctor in the prison, will follow you all around, cause she really loves you.  And eventually the cops will be on your side and you and your girlfriend will get married and live on a boat.
Timmy: Cops have boats mom....
Me: yeah but your boat will be faster...

I'll give you 10 bonus points for knowing where I came up with *that story to tell Timmy...

Oh yes, I spouted off the plotline to Prison Break.  I'm probably gonna win some kind of award for that....

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  1. Oh my Jesus lol....only you and Schmimmy. Only you and Schmimmy hehehehe


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