Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Even Timmy's Friends Say Funny Things

Today, while waiting for school to start, I was talking to Timmy's best friend's grandma. I was telling Rose how Timmy told me that Vinny could not say "yellow", instead pronouncing is "lellow" and the other day in class he said "Yellow" so the whole class cheered for him. She and I were laughing about it as Timmy and Vinny came over to where we were sitting.

Rose: he has problems with certain words. Vanilla and refrigerator are 2 that we are working on.
Me: Awww Nik used to call a refrigerator a "fridgey ridgey".
Rose: Vinny, what kind of ice cream did you have yesterday?
Me: good job dude!!
Rose: and what's the thing called where we keep milk?
Vinny: :::blank stare::::
Rose: you know where the milk and juice is... What is it called??
Vinny: ::eyebrow raise:: Target??
Me: OH!!!! ::::dies laughing::::

I swear I started to cry. I was laughing so hard. Who knew Timmy's friends were funny too!!

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